You will work with one of our Design Representatives seamlessly from start to finish.  We have Design Representatives who are experts in flooring solutions and/or window treatment design solutions.  Every one of our Design Representatives have years of creditable experience to share.

In addition to knowing either flooring or window design solutions they are great listeners.  They will listen to your needs, ideas and concerns.  The questions they ask you will really facilitate their ability to create a solution just right for you.  In-home appointments are a free service with no obligation.  It is a great way to see proposed solutions in your homes décor and natural light. 

Our installers are trained experts in the field.  They are conscientious of promptness, cleanliness and pay attention to every detail start to finish.  

Some questions you might ask the Design Representative:

-         What is the guarantee or warranty?

-         How should I maintain the product?

-         What will the installation process be like and how long will it take?

-         Why do you think this is the right choice for me?

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