Practical and stylish kid friendly solution

Practical and stylish kid friendly solution

The latest in technology has planks and tiles locking together for a waterproof floor that can hide imperfections of the subfloor. Installation is quick and easy, and can be done in any room of the house, no matter the humidity levels or fluctuations in temperature.

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Lush Green- I can't keep it hushed

Shaw Flooring announced its 2017 color of the year which is “Lush Green”.  The luxurious color adds peace, balance, harmony and energy to your space.  With green, you don’t have to go all out with the color to bring nature inside.  This cheerful color is visually and emotionally appealing.

Diane Houston from Shaw flooring says, “We are seeing people make more conscious decisions on what they bring into the home.  People are focused on creating healthy environments for their family”.  Being healthy comes from the inside out.   Consider mixing green with your decor.  Tile, carpet and area rugs with green can add big impact.  The physiological effects of the color are wonderful.

Current trends mix green with neutral color tones and browns.  No matter if you add a little or alot lush, natural green will add vitality to your space.

4 secrets to removing a carpet stain for good

1. Don’t rub it in!  If you attack a stain with too much pressure you’ll untwist the carpet’s pile and make it look matted. Blot with an absorbent cloth.  Working for outside in so the stain doesn’t spread.

2. Go easy on the cleaner!  Don’t use it directly on the rug; it can be hard to rinse out. Spritz a cloth with cleanser and dab the stain, turning the cloth to clean areas as it absorbs dirt.

3. Rinse Sparingly!  If instructions say to remove cleaner with water, don’t pour it on the carpet.  Dip a cloth in water, then press to absorb cleanser, blot with a dry cloth.

4. Towel dry overnight!  Residue deep in the carpet may travel up the fibers as they dry and re-stain the carpet’s surface.  To prevent this, rest several paper towels and a heavy object, like a big book, on top overnight.  The next day fluff to dry.

The best floors for large dogs and cats

Generally large cats and dogs can overtime wreak havoc on hardwood floors. Wood floors don't like to get wet and bad odors can be very hard to get rid of when they seep into the woods cracks. Many people like a well worn wood floor and if you are one of them, you should be happy with wood flooring.  However, if you are looking for a more durable option here are a few considerations.

Vinyl is also called resilient flooring because it is one of the most durable flooring options.  It wears well, with no scratches or tears and is water resistant.

Linoleum is easy to clean, pretty water resistant and quiet.   It is also hypoallergenic and is a long lasting flooring option that comes in many looks.

Laminate is incredibly tough resisting many scratch marks, its very easy to clean and the low cost and versatile looks are appealing.  

There are other pet friendly options such as Cork, Bamboo and Tile but these are the top choices for comfort, sound and longevity.

Avoid a flooring nightmare

Avoid a flooring nightmare and get the safe, beautiful floors you seek. By working with local dealers, avoiding the “too good to be true price” and getting testimonials.

Local dealers, like Boyle’s Floor & Window Designs,  have a vested interest in providing safe, quality products and good customer service from your jobs start to finish as well as expert installation.  Box stores, online dealers and national discounters have no ties to your community.  They typically invest little to assure your satisfaction or to secure your repeat business.

Big box stores that operate by slashing prices often slash the quality of the flooring as well.  Saving a few hundred dollars is not worth the aggravation of a floor that falls apart a year down the road or possibly causes you health problems.

Beware of free installation.  No installer works for free.  The carpet padding, glue or other material prices needed for the job will be inflated.  The installation of your floors is as important as the floor itself.  Local businesses invest time and money in training their installers.  By choosing a flooring business invested in your satisfaction you will not sacrifice quality.

Floors can be your design launching point

A friend recently told me she thought floors have become a more important design element in a room than she had remembered them being in the past.  That maybe true because of today's use of color in design.  Today's design trends tend to create a visual pathway with color and use repetition as an important element in good design.  So I agree, choosing a floor is a very strong visual component to today's design.  


Color matching app makes flooring choices eaier

FloorVana is a free app from Shaw Industries. The app lets you, the consumer,  capture your inspiration and transform it to the perfect flooring choice for you.  This app is a wonderful, useful and fun design tool that will help you narrow down your design ideas.  The app will help you find what you desire for your new flooring look.

Simply upload a picture that inspires you and the app will display carpet, hardwood, tile and other flooring products in the colors that will complement your inspiration.  Want your bedroom to remind you of the resort you stayed at in St Lucia on your honeymoon?  FloorVana can help you achieve the room perfectly by simply uploading your favorite picture from your honeymoon.