Avoid a flooring nightmare

Avoid a flooring nightmare and get the safe, beautiful floors you seek. By working with local dealers, avoiding the “too good to be true price” and getting testimonials.

Local dealers, like Boyle’s Floor & Window Designs,  have a vested interest in providing safe, quality products and good customer service from your jobs start to finish as well as expert installation.  Box stores, online dealers and national discounters have no ties to your community.  They typically invest little to assure your satisfaction or to secure your repeat business.

Big box stores that operate by slashing prices often slash the quality of the flooring as well.  Saving a few hundred dollars is not worth the aggravation of a floor that falls apart a year down the road or possibly causes you health problems.

Beware of free installation.  No installer works for free.  The carpet padding, glue or other material prices needed for the job will be inflated.  The installation of your floors is as important as the floor itself.  Local businesses invest time and money in training their installers.  By choosing a flooring business invested in your satisfaction you will not sacrifice quality.