4 secrets to removing a carpet stain for good

1. Don’t rub it in!  If you attack a stain with too much pressure you’ll untwist the carpet’s pile and make it look matted. Blot with an absorbent cloth.  Working for outside in so the stain doesn’t spread.

2. Go easy on the cleaner!  Don’t use it directly on the rug; it can be hard to rinse out. Spritz a cloth with cleanser and dab the stain, turning the cloth to clean areas as it absorbs dirt.

3. Rinse Sparingly!  If instructions say to remove cleaner with water, don’t pour it on the carpet.  Dip a cloth in water, then press to absorb cleanser, blot with a dry cloth.

4. Towel dry overnight!  Residue deep in the carpet may travel up the fibers as they dry and re-stain the carpet’s surface.  To prevent this, rest several paper towels and a heavy object, like a big book, on top overnight.  The next day fluff to dry.