Tips for Buying Your New Flooring

Like many other home decor purchases, you may have a particular floor in mind but find yourself trading off one feature to get another that better suits your needs. It could be a matter of budget or functionality. Consider these points before you begin the shopping process:

Analyze the conditions around your home
Do you live in an area where there is a lot of sand? Sand can exaggerate wear on your floor
and certain types of flooring perform better where sand is present. Do you live in a very high humidity area? Humidity can affect certain floor coverings.

Analyze the conditions in your home
Do you have pets? Certain types of flooring will resist scratching from pet's claws or resist staining from those little pet accidents better than others. Do you have a large family with young children and lots of traffic on your flooring?

Consider your performance priorities
Do you want ease of maintenance above all else?  Sometimes it's easier to evaluate the flooring that you are replacing and decide how the new flooring should be different